Thursday, June 4, 2015

Healthy Summer Snacking


During the summer, it is too easy to snack your day away {guilty}. So, to prevent from excessive snacking, it's important to give yourself a healthier alternative when your in need of an afternoon pick me up. Consider these healthy options:

+ frozen grapes
Perfect for those scorching summer days, frozen grapes will cool you down while also satisfying hunger. 

+ chilled apple slices with spread
Crush cravings with an apple a day. Spread almond {peanut is just as good} butter sparingly to give yourself some NUTritious protein. 

+ c.c.c. with hummus dip
Get the hummus and gather the three c's: celery, cucumbers, and carrots to create a delicious snack. Hummus is the perfect dip, light yet filling. 

+ in season fruits
Check out the produce section for in season fruits. Opt for watermelon, a sweet yet satisfying alternative that is a filling 92% of water. Or blend a smoothie with fresh berries. 

How are you staying on track as you snack this summer? 


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