Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Outfit: Tassel Takeover

I am oh-so excited to share this outfit today. It's been a long time coming putting this together but trying to convince my brother to do a photo shoot at the beach was the real challenge {shoutout to Maxx for being the best}. There is kind of a funny story to this dress because I had originally purchased it for prom way back when. I received it and felt like it just wasn't formal enough but truth be told, I kept it because it's just so darn cute! It is hands down one of my favorite dresses for summer. The tassels are so bright and the kimono sleeves were made for the beach. I usually decide to wear it for a more casual feel going out and about but if your looking for a fabulous sundress, this is your pick. It's honestly so versatile as it can be thrown over a bathing suit as a coverup or paired with wedges for a night out. 

Are you in on the tassel takeover?




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