Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Why You Should Do A Summer Internship

Last week marked my last official day as a intern. While it was short lived, I can definitely say that I've learned so much. I was fortunate enough to work at store that I absolutely adore and while having such a fun time I was also able to observe and experience so much. If you ever get the chance to intern, seriously do it, I promise you won't regret it, and here's why: 

+hands on experience 
As an intern your constantly experiencing things first hand. It's so exciting to actually be able to do things rather than sit back and watch. I found it really fun to contribute and feel like the work I was doing was necessary. 

+perspective path
Internships really allow you to see a side of an industry or workforce that you hope to one day pursue. You are able to feel the ropes and see if you enjoy or maybe dislike it. It gives some perspective and you understand so much more than expected. 

I can truly say that because of my internship I have made so many close contacts. Whether it be my coworkers or customers, I felt as if I made such close relationships over the short span of four weeks. I also made connections that could be really useful in the future.

+confidence builder
Walking away from an internship, you feel much more confident about yourself and about your abilities. You learn so much and feel like you can literally accomplish anything. With experience under your belt, you will feel better and more confident about future job opportunities. 

+gained skills
Most likely, as an intern, you start out only with prior knowledge. By the end, you've mastered everything you need to know pertaining to your work. It's funny to look back and reflect on how much you've actually learned. These gained skills will definitely help you down the road with a future job. 

Have you ever interned before?


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