Monday, October 26, 2015

Takeaways from High School Tennis

It seriously feels like just yesterday was the first week of August and I was trying out for my high school tennis team. So quickly has the season gone by that this is our final week. Friday and Saturday are the state tournament, and fingers crossed we come home with the W. Being that we have had such a productive season, I thought it would be meaningful to share all that I have taken away in these past few months of tennis. 

hard work pays off+
As cliche as it sounds, hard work truly pays off. Our team practices everyday and although rigorous, we definitely improved because of it. Coming from the summertime when I sporadically played to practicing everyday after school, I can definitely say I feel much more confident about my game.

teammates become girlfriends+
My team is super close and we've been with each other since middle school. Being we have such a good time during the season, we've become such good friends. I'm not going to lie but sometimes our practices consist of mostly chatting and catching up on our day's worth of struggles.

commitment strengthens your responsibility+
Committing yourself to a sport, which includes months worth of practices and matches, is a huge responsibility. I really learned to balance tennis with my busy schedule and ultimately make it work. It is such a great experience because I am able learn how to stay on top of everything.

setting high goals will make you work harder to achieve them+
Having lost in the finals of the state championship last year, we came into this season really eager to win the state title. This gave us an incentive to work harder during practices and matches. Throughout the season, we've been so optimistic and only hope that our hard work and commitment will pay off.

Did you play a fall sport this year? What did you take away from your season?


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