Friday, October 2, 2015


Happy Friday! These past few days I explored college campuses throughout Virginia and DC with the rest my junior class, and we had the best time! As juniors, the thought of college can be quite intimidating, but I felt like this trip really helped me realize what exactly I want when the application process begins {ahh}. I'm changing things up as my three glees in focus this week are a few highlights from the trip. 

Georgetown University was easily my favorite. Once I stepped foot on their picturesque campus, I fell in love. I now consider it my top choice, so I am currently so motivated for the rest of my junior year.

The weather was rainy and chilly, so cozy flannels became a reoccurring theme throughout the trip. Shoutout to my favs Matty and Schuett for finally being featured on the blog! Your finally famous fam! ;)

Aside from touring, we were able to visit the beautiful monuments of Washington. It just takes your breath away to see how beautiful these structures are in person and I have to say, Abe was by far my favorite.

Three days of non-stop traveling and touring has me exhausted. Thankfully, we have today off, so I am hoping to take the long weekend to rest up, catch up on some work, and of course, blog.

What's on your weekend agenda?



  1. These pictures are amazing! Georgetown looks like such a great school. What kind of camera do you use? I am on the market for a new one :)

    xx Kate
    Simply by Kate

    1. It was absolutely gorgeous, and reminded me somewhat of Hogwarts! :) I use a D7100 with a 50 mm lens; it's great! Thanks for reading! xo

  2. I want to b famous



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