Monday, November 30, 2015

Healthy Habits for the Holiday Season

Every year, the holiday season bears the tricky task of staying on on track with maintaining a somewhat healthy diet. With the temptations of sweets and savory dishes, it's so easy to overindulge in the next coming weeks. Even though it's inevitable not to snag that extra slice of pie, I think by incorporating healthy habits with moderation, the holidays will be just as enjoyable and a lot less guilt-ridden.

+stay active
Be sure to maintain a steady workout routine throughout the holidays. Consider adding a bit to your normal routine- whether you go for the extra mile or throw in a few more sit ups. A little sweat sesh will make you feel so much better, and hey, that extra mile is well deserving of an extra slice of pie!

+create a colorful plate
Feasting is one of the great traditions of the holiday season, but don't overload on some of season's most prized, yet unfortunately unhealthy dishes. While a helping of sweet potato soufflĂ© and stuffing are necessary, don't forget your veggies. Go green when you deciding what else to put on your plate. 

Staying hydrated is important 365 days out of the year, but the holidays are super important. Aside from keeping your skin moisturized from the winter weather, water helps to keep you full.

+indulge in moderation 
Having healthy habits doesn't mean straying from sweets. The holidays are meant to treat yourself, so do so in moderation. Most definitely enjoy the season's most beloved sweets and don't feel discouraged in doing. 

Do you have any tips for staying on track this holiday season?

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  1. Great tips - I love the "colorful plate" one! Hope your holidays are off to a wonderful start, PJ!




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