Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Goals for 2016

stay consistent with Soulfully Southern 
This is probably the one I am most determined to stick with. Blogging has truly become a passion of mine and I need to begin to prioritize it. I'm planning to return to my Monday through Friday post schedule (for good!) and become more consistent with my social media platforms- my goal is reach 1,000 instagram followers! 

drink more water
I'm definitely an avid water drinker, but don't consistently drink it throughout the day. I got a bkr bottle for Christmas and I'm really hoping that it will encourage me to rehydrate more, especially at school. 

stress less
Stress just encompasses junior year and I sometimes let it get the best of me. Worrying less will really help to alleviate my stress, and I think becoming involved with yoga classes will help as well. 

be active
Exercising more is kind of a cliche goal but I really just want to become more active. Aside from cheerleading and tennis, I want to establish an exercise routine that keeps me in shape. I'm going to try to run more (heard it alleviates stress too!) and just overall maintain a healthy lifestyle that involves more activity.

read more
This is probably the one I'm most excited for because I have always envied book worms. I definitely need to indulge in more reading and switch my phone for a good book. I think starting off with reading a little each night before bed instead of checking the latest on IG or Snapchat will make the world a difference.

What goals do you have set for 2016?


  1. I totally agree with the reading more part, I have always envied book worms too! Happy New Year!

    Renee // Gimme Glamour

  2. Consistency with my blog and drinking more water are on my list as well! And I decided the same thing about reading more - I recently started always having a book checked out from the library and I read every night before bed and I love it! Happy New Year!




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