Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Jewelry Essentials

No outfit ever feels complete without accessories. While I set aside particular pieces, I would feel so lost without my essentials. It's an odd feeling, for instance, if I go a day not wearing my watch and I have to say I feel bear without it. My jewelry tends to be simplistic, and my essential pieces are ones that can essentially be worn with anything. I lean towards more classic jewelry when its comes to my go-tos; however, I love to incorporate bold pieces time and time again. 

+ gold rings 
Rings have been a recent fad mine. I love subtlety and was sold the moment I saw this knot ring. I've expanded my collection since, almost always stacking it with my pearl ring and wearing my monogram signet on the opposite hand.  

+ watch
I received this watch for my 13th birthday. It's an heirloom and definitely my most prized piece. I wear it daily as it pairs perfectly with everything. I mostly wear gold jewelry so the silver adds a nice balance. 

+ staple studs
There isn't a day I can't count on my pearl studs. They are so timeless and classy; a definite necessity for any jewelry box. I've accumulated various sizes over the years but tend to resort to my slightly oversized pair. I also love the Kate Spade square studs. They are the perfect size and tortoise is my absolute favorite.  

+ wrist candy
Aside from my watch and Fitbit, I love to add a little arm candy. I'm a big fan of versatility when it comes to bracelets and this Fornash tortoise cuff is so fun to incorporate in a multitude of outfits. I also adore the nautical look of Kiel James Patrick bracelets which I find pair so well with everything.

What are your jewelry essentials?

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