Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Staying on Track Second Semester

Let's face it, time management is no easy task. Between juggling my work load, sports, extra circulars, and blogging, it's tough to find balance. Second semester of junior year isn't going be a piece of cake; however, I'm optimistic to stay on track and push through these next few months. 

+ utilize your weekends
I have to admit that most of my weekends are spent working. As tempting as it to stray from productivity for few a few days, it so beneficial to use any spare time to get ahead. I'm able to get so much accomplished and I feel so much better starting off my Monday morning knowing I was (some what) productive that weekend. It's also a great time to get ahead on work due later in the week which alleviates so much stress and crosses that much off your to-do list. 

+ don't procrastinate 
This semester, I am hoping to stay more on top things. The worst thing to do is to procrastinate, whether it be studying or completing an assignment. Getting things done in a timely manner while also being aware of what's ahead will keep you on track and not stuck working things out last minute. Lately, I've been using my planner and taking advantage of staying organized. I have to say that I (surprisingly) feel more conscientious of what's all going on in my crazy and hectic schedule than ever before.  

+ be good to your body
I have spent too many late nights finishing up assignments and most of the time I run on about 5-6 hours of sleep. I generally lack any energy during the school day and my health is usually not at its best. I really want to focus on getting the right amount of sleep every night because studying to the wee hours isn't really all that helpful. I've come to realize that sleep is so much more important because I find myself unmotivated and too tired to actually get anything done with minimal rest.

+ curb your electronics
This is a big one for me cause I am so easily tempted to wonder while studying. I like to take brief breaks in between working but find that most of the time I waste thirty minutes having either checked all my social media or accomplished a little online shopping (reasoned as retail therapy). I slowly but surely am becoming not as distracted and I usually put my phone elsewhere to help curb the possibility of a distraction. I've heard so many great things about the app, SelfControl, and in order to focus, being forced to stay off of distracting websites will definitely help. 

Maintaining a balance this year has been tough, but I'm hopeful that by sticking with these tips I will begin to notice a big difference in my time management and overall health.

Have you been dealing with a hectic schedule this year? Do you have any other tips?

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