Thursday, January 28, 2016

Surviving Sick Season

Last week, I had a serious case of the cold. My throat was sore, I was congested, and above all else, I was exceedingly exhausted. I was really struggling considering Friday was homecoming and Saturday morning I had to take the SAT (bleh). Having just gotten over my cold, I thought I would share how exactly I survived so hopefully you can refrain from experiencing sick season.

up your vitamin C 
Be sure to boost your immune system with plenty of vitamin C. In combating a cold, a healthy serving of fruits and veggies makes all the difference. I found that the best way to consume all the necessary nutrients is via a delicious and therapeutic smoothie.

+ rest
I don't think I can stress enough how important it is to stay well rested. Late nights studying were definitely of no benefit to my health, but after taking my Saturday and Sunday to catch up on some sleep, I felt so rejuvenated and refreshed.

+ see a doctor
Amidst my stuffiness and coughing, I managed to make it to a local urgent care. Initially, I was convinced I had strep throat, but the doctor assured me I didn't (thank goodness). I got to the point where I was just sick of being sick and needed a proper diagnosis as to what exactly was wrong with me. Pay a visit to the doctor when you deem it necessary; it was so worth it for me.

+ green tea & honey
Being a pretty avid green tea drinker myself, I vouch it as THE remedy when feeling sick. For a sore throat specifically, a cup a hot green tea with a little bit honey will improve your symptoyns like no other. It's soothing all while loaded with antioxidants needed to help suppress your cough and cold.  

Have you experienced sick season yet? How did you survive?

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