Monday, January 4, 2016

Tips to Stay Hydrated

As I've set a goal to drink more water this new year, I realize that it's no easy task to execute. Drinking water is so important for so many reason, and I feel much healthier and energized when I am better hydrated. I've accumulated some tips to keep me motivated, and hopefully they will motivate you too!

endless benefits
I only drink water and choose it for it's irresistible benefits. It promotes healthy skin, flushes out toxins, and boosts energy to name a few. It feels amazing to know all the good I am doing for my body, which keeps me determined to stay hydrated.

carry a water bottle
Having a water bottle on hand will remind you to drink up. I bring one with me to school everyday, and I have to say it does help. I definitely need to get better at refilling it throughout the day because the more sips the better.

+ spruce up the H20
I love lemon water and will sometimes squeeze a slice in my bottle every once in a while for a nice, refreshing beverage. It helps when water begins to taste bleh, making it much easier to drink. Lemon also aids in digestion and detoxification (win-win!).

+ drink up at the right times
While staying hydrated, it's important to note when it's the right time to drink up in order to maximize its effectiveness. Aside from drinking throughout the day, have a glass after waking, 30 minutes before a meal, and before going to bed.

How do you stay hydrated?

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