Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Benefits of Being a Morning Person

I recently came upon this article that revealed the secrets behind being a morning person and I was instantly intrigued because I personally like to consider myself a morning person. While I can't say a 6 am alarm is music to my ears, I do prefer being up early both on the weekdays and weekends because I feel so much more accomplished in doing so. I thought the article was actually really accurate and its details were too interesting not share!

+ wake up at the same time
Morning people become accustomed to a sleeping schedule, usually having a set bedtime and a.m wake up call. Our bodies become used to waking up at a particular time and morning people find ease in waking up early because they've adapted to such a consistent schedule. Studies show that a regular wake time and bedtime can help you loose weight, be less stressed, and happier.

+ eat breakfast
A productive morning is not complete without a well balanced breakfast. Early risers know the importance of a brain-fueling breakfast in order to have a successful day, and allotting time to this important meal provides significant benefits. Those that miss out breakfast miss out on vital fuel to get you through the day. Remember to choose fiber full and protein packed options.

+ get the hard stuff over with first
Your willpower is said to be greatest when you first wake up, so take advantage of this time to cross of your most dreaded tasks for the day. Morning people are considered more motivated, optimistic, and proactive being they have the determination to get the toughest to-dos off their list first. They then have incentive to complete the rest of the days work with initiative.

+ active
Those waking up early tend to find time to break a sweat. Morning workouts have significant benefits and those able to fit it in their a.m. schedule are said to start their day in a better mood, feel less stressed, and having burned more fat than they would have during a workout any other time in the day. An early start to your day gives you the ability to squeeze in some activity, leaving you feeling ready to accomplish anything.

+ make use of their time wisely
Having a little extra time to spare with an early alarm clock gives morning people the advantage to get ahead. Early risers are sure to make use of their morning whether that be setting aside this time to either plan out their agenda for the day or relax with quite reflection. Envisioning all that you need to tackle on your to-list will help you actually do them and a little meditation is always a good kickstart.

Are you a morning person? Can you relate to any of these benefits?

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