Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Importance of Sun Protection

A few weeks ago, a dermatologist visited my school and shared a presentation all about the importance of sun protection. Her words were so enlightening and I now feel so much more knowledgeable on the topic of skin damage. Being fair-skinned, I have always been susceptible to sun burns but never actually realized how serious a day of too much sun is on my skin in the long run. I've definitely been more on top of staying protected by adding a SPF 50 moisturizer to my daily routine and wearing a baseball cap whenever necessary. With it being spring break this week, I will inevitably be soaking in some rays and will especially be more cautious by sporting my Panama hat, applying plenty of sunscreen (I recommend this protective and hydrating lotion sunscreen), and wearing my sunnies.

How do you stay protected from the sun?

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