Monday, March 28, 2016

Springing Forward

Happy Monday everyone! Spring is officially in full bloom and I couldn't be more excited. There is something about the spring season that inclines me to refresh my mindset, whether it be to accomplish to-dos, rock out the rest of my junior, or do some much needed spring cleaning. Being it one of the busiest times of year for me, I'm feeling more determined than ever to stay focussed and productive, all while making the most of my favorite time of the year. 

+ healthy habits
Coming back from Easter break, I'm determined to maintain my healthy habits and stay on track with a consistent workout routine. Summer is just around the corner (!!!) and I'm motivated to look and feel my best.

+ spring cleaning
This fresh time of year inspires me to do a bit of cleaning and reorganizing. Most specifically my closet and what better feeling than refreshing your wardrobe for the new season? Hello shorts and sandals!

+ rock out junior year
While this year has been one for the books, I am so determined to finish out these final months of my junior year strong. Especially with AP exams coming up, this is my time to stay focused and productive.

+ crank out to-dos
I am an avid to-do list generator and sometimes my to-dos can become a little elongated.  I'm ready to cross off all that I need to accomplish this season and make for a relaxing summer!

How are you springing forward? 

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