Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Super Simple Salad Recipe

Health and wellness is something I've come to be really passionate about and over the years, I've established the mentality that you are what you eat. I by all means do not have the perfect diet and have definitely had my guilty share of binge moments; however, I do try to make conscious choices when it comes to nourishment. As I am constantly inspired to stay healthy, this topic has become something I love to talk and learn about. In making smart choices and eating with a purpose, I enjoy preparing and even planning out my meals. Just the other night, I decided to make dinner for myself and put together a super simple salad that was both delicious and nutritious.  

Cherry tomatoes
Grilled chicken breast

I totally recommend this recipe if your like me and need a simple, quick, and well-balanced meal to squeeze into a busy schedule (dinner is sometimes put on the daily to-do list... oops!) 
It's simply fresh spinach topped with diced veggies and finished off with grilled chicken slices. Drizzle your preferred dressing and voilá! Super easy, right? Whether made for on the go or the dinner table, this salad is the perfect choice for conscious eating. 

I love sharing recipe posts like this, so let me know if you want to see more!

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