Friday, March 11, 2016


Cheers to the weekend! This first week back from spring break has been so crazy busy. I've had assignments and assessments in pretty much all my classes, so I'll definitely be taking my weekend to rest a bit. Also on the agenda is a home tournament for my school's boys lacrosse team. As manager, I love being out there to support the team and of course baking them their favorite treats. Which reminds me, I've been baking up a storm lately and keep meaning to share some of my recipes, so stay tuned! 

Spring break came and went so fast. It always tends to sneak up on me and I can never seem to escape a sunny state of mind. I would do anything to be back in Palm Beach, especially the other night when studying for AP US History was kicking my butt. When is your spring break? Any fun adventures planned?

Palm Beach has some of the best local restaurants. I inevitably take pictures of everything I eat when I am on vacation (the fam has gotten used to it by now) and this snap is of my favorite meal of the entire trip. Although it's hard to tell what it actually is, it's easily one of my favorites dishes. Let's just say, avocado, mango, and crab- too perfect for words honestly.

It was nice to de-stress over break and not worry about school work so much. Coming back, however, I knew I had super busy week ahead of me. There is something about a super productive Sunday that has me so motivated for the week. A Sunday well spent brings a week of content, right?!

Have a great weekend!

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