Friday, March 18, 2016


Happy FriYAY! Today is a half day (whoop whoop) and my friends and I are planning to make it a day of relaxing and tanning at the beach (fingers cross the cloudy forecast holds). It's also my school's spring musical this weekend, so I'm super excited to see it tonight. Our Easter break is next week, so I'm taking the weekend to squeeze in last minute to-dos and crank out some studies before a few days off. 

Per tradition, my family and I always spend Easter in Palm Beach. Despite just visiting over spring break, I can't wait to return to the Florida sun and enjoy our last break before summer.

Is it just me, or do you find it so much easier to accessorize when it's warm out. The recent intro to spring has me splurging on a few new pieces, including this necklace and watch featured in this week's outfit post

Have you ever heard of Half United? They are known for their edgy bullet necklaces that when purchased, provide a child battling hunger with 7 meals. Their mission is so amazing and I love using this adorable (& fruity!) journal knowing it gives back.

Anything exciting planned for the weekend?

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