Friday, April 1, 2016


TGIF! My schedule this week has been so hectic. I came home from Easter break with an influx of assignments and what not, and I feel quite accomplished to have made it to the weekend alive and in one piece. These past few nights, I've haven't really gotten an ample amount of sleep, so I'm looking forward to skipping out on the alarm clock these next two day to make up for it. Nothing is really agenda for the weekend, but my to-do list has gotten pretty long, so I'm hoping to crank out much of it if I'm feeling inclined to make it out of my bed. :) 

My mom and I rode our bikes practically everyday while in Palm Beach. The trail we found had the most gorgeous views along side the coast and featured some of the prettiest spring blooms. 

 A picture on the stripe bench was absolutely necessary (it was definitely a fan girl kind of moment). After a delicious breakfast at The Colony Hotel, we strolled around the island a bit. This time of year, Florida is in middle of relatively warm and brutally hot, so it was the ideal weather to walk around in.  This outfit was my favorite of the weekend and perfect for the warm temperatures. 

We had the loveliest patio lunch at the Mar-a-lago club and this picture just reminds me of all the delicious meals we had over the weekend. Palm Beach has the greatest little spots, and what's a vacation without a few indulgences?!

What are you up to this weekend?

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