Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Beauty Habits of the Beautiful

While I'm very minimalistic when it comes to makeup, I love learning new tricks and tips when it comes to overall beauty. To me, having healthy habits is crucial for looking and feeling your best. I'm always looking for ways to keep my skin and hair healthy, and I recently found this article that was such an interesting read: habits of the world's most beautiful women. From mayonnaise to coconut oil, take a peak at some beauty habits that you might just want to start yourself!

+ Blake Lively
The actress protects the ends of her hair with mayonnaise when she shampoos to prevent stripping and drying (must explain her gorgeous golden locks!).

+ Candice Swanepoel 
Starts each morning with a splash of extremely cold water to depuff her "morning face."

+ Erin Heatherton
Keeps things simple and avoids overloading on products, as this can irritate the skin. A couple days a week, she opts to simply rinse her face with warm water. 

+ Doutzen Kroes
Puts coconut oil in her hair and leaves it in there for an entire day. She says it doesn't look great that day, but once you wash it out, you've got silky-smooth locks. 

+ Lauren Conrad
Takes days off from heat styling. She says it's important to sprinkle easy hairstyles, like low ponies and braids, in between your curling-iron days. 

I can't get over Blake Lively and her mayonnaise trick. Who knew a condiment would be a girl's best friend?!

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