Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Motivation

Throughout my career as a student, I like to think I've been dedicated and hardworking. I've persistently pushed myself to get the best grades possible and more so during high school, I've held pretty high expectations. Junior year has hands down been the toughest both academically and emotionally. From standardized tests to narrowing my college search, I've been easily overwhelmed and stressed more than necessary. I want to say that it's because I fear failure and disappointment; however, I've come to realization that "it is what is." I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and so many instances from this school year have really assured me of this. 

Being so stressed more often than not, I'm never fully confident in my capabilities. Despite being so motivated to do well, I've been really discouraged this year whether it be taking an AP test or practicing for the ACT. Such an immense amount of pressure to perform sometimes gets that best of me and I never feel assured in myself. Now that I've reached the end of the year, amidst exam season, I've realized that it's so important to be confident in yourself because if you've studied your hardest and gave it your best effort, that's all you can ask for. Remaining positive and having an encouraging mindset will ensure your success and overall happiness. 

I hope you enjoyed this Monday motivationesque post!
Just remember: you got this!

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