Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Favorite Pre + Post Workout Snacks

After months of saying we would, my friend and I have finally decided to become apart of a local yoga studio and consistently attend the various classes they offer. We are so excited and feel extra motivated not spend our summer days lounging around (which inevitably involves extensive snacking and serious Netflix binging). In order to make the most of my workouts, I've always been keen on having a light snack that will give me just the right amount energy. Whether its tennis, the gym, and now yoga, I'm sure to have one of the following snacks that are my favorites for either a pre or post workout boost.

Kind granola +
I love Kind bars and there granola is just as yummy. I'll take it by the handful if I'm on the go but also have it along with yogurt for breakfast before a workout or even work. It's the perfect snack too after my workout and if I missed out on breakfast and need something to hold me over till lunch. 

Banana and almond butter + 
My go-to if I'm in need of pre-workout fuel or ever feel a tad bit "hangry." I love bananas whether atop of oatmeal or in a peanut butter sandwich, and am obsessed with slices and almond butter. Justin's is hands down the best almond butter and there handy little packets offer just the perfect amount. 

Cliff bar +
The classic Cliff bar is the ideal energizing snack. They keep me full and offer the perfect boost for both workouts or when that mid day hunger strikes. There assortment of flavors are so yummy and my favorite would have to be the coconut chocolate chip. They are sweet and satisfying, a definite win-win. 

What are your favorite pre and post workout snacks?

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