Friday, June 10, 2016


Another week of summer in the books. It's been relatively laid back these past few days and I am surely not complaining. I've been mostly on the go, trying to minimize my to-dos because they seriously seem to double on the daily. I've also managed to squeeze in a yoga class every day and feel so amazing! While I'm aching here and there, starting off my mornings with an hour workout gives me the perfect boost of energy and motivation to get my day going. I'm currently preparing for the ACT tomorrow (prayers appreciated!) and will be probably take the rest of the weekend to rest and get a fair share of blogging done. 

Senya later! Here's a shoutout to the fabulous five, whom I will miss so much next year. I consider each of them a true friend and they've been such great mentors for me all these years, whether it be making it through lacrosse together my freshman year or deciding on a new pair of platform wedges.

This time of year has the prettiest flowers to choose from and I'm really hoping to consistently have a fresh bouquet on my desk. These tulips were too irresistible, but I'm on the lookout for peonies. 

I've officially been working for a week now and couldn't have asked for a more perfect job. I have such a fun time working in retail and have learned so much already. I love to interact with customers but of course cherish being amidst endless amounts of Lilly.

What's been on your schedule lately?
Happy weekend!

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