Friday, June 17, 2016


Happy Friday! These weeks seriously keep flying by and before we know it, we'll be shopping for school supplies and struggling to finish summer reading. For now though, pushing back to school thoughts aside, I'm enjoying every moment I have to just relax and not have to really worry about assignments or tests. Speaking of tests, I took the ACT last Saturday and I'm hoping I did well enough to not have to worry about my scores going into the Fall. My days are now consumed with errands and work, but there really isn't anything to stress about, except for maybe starting my college essay...

I was so excited the moment I saw these shoes browsing around Target. They are near identical to Joie sandals, but a fraction of the price. I'm seriously obsessed and was lucky enough to snatch the last pair. Talk about a steal!

Monday afternoon, I traveled up to Washington, DC for a presentation with my adorable friend, Wilker. We worked together on a website for the National History Day competition and happened to make it to nationals. It was a very quick trip there and back, (seriously less than 24 hours) but we had a fun time feeling professional and channeling our inner Elle Woods. 

Trader Joe's is my place. I LOVE all there products as most of them lack preservatives, artificial flavors, etc. My mom and I make weekly trips to stock up on produce and snacks, and I can't help but want a bouquet of flowers right when I walk into the store. 

One week and counting till my 17th birthday!
Have a great weekend!

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