Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Benefits of Lemon Water

Over vacation and after indulging in so many delicious meals, I was in in dire need of a detox. I considered a juice cleanse but thought that might be a little too exaggerated considering the many ways I could reboot my system via healthier food choices, exercise, and lemon water. I've always loved lemon water but never seem to drink it enough. Coming home, I thought I would start with drinking as much water throughout the day to flush out my system. I made sure to pick up some lemons from the grocery store and have yet to go a day without adding it to my water. The citrusy flavor is so yummy and has countless benefits for your body!

+ natural energizer
It hydrates the body leaving it refreshed.

+ cleansing 
The citric acid of lemon helps boost enzyme function, stimulating the liver and maximizing detoxification.

+ aids digestion
Relieves indigestion while also flushing you out.

Do ever drink lemon water?

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