Monday, July 18, 2016

Bermuda Recap

I'm back! Last week, the fam and I took our first vacation of the summer. We cruised out of NYC to Bermuda for five days of some much needed r and r. Being so close to the beach, my family and I have always loved vacationing via cruises because there is so much activity to do aside from laying on the beach every day and burning tanning. It was such an amazing trip that consisted of a lot of eating, resting, and adventuring. Bermuda is so gorgeous and picturesque; It reminds me a bit of Charleston in that the homes are all pastel colored, providing the perfect setting for blog pics ;).

En route to Hamilton, the view of the water was absolutely stunning:

Who doesn't love pineapples in paradise aka Anthem of the Seas:

I was whaley excited to visit the brand new Vineyard Vines store: 

I found one of my favorite sayings onboard the ship and felt so inspired so "seize the day":

We rented Vespas as transportation for the day, and it was the best.experience.ever:

It was so fun to get away and being with my family made it all the better.
Hope you had a great weekend!

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