Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Juice Beauty Products

Last week, I was experiencing the worst breakout on top of really bad dryness. Being the type a girl that I am, I routinely wash my face every day and every night. I am usually pretty good about exfoliating my skin because I have really big pores and they easily clog up with residue, dirt, and makeup. I was trying out different cleansers and creams, but nothing was seeming to improve anything. My skin is super sensitive so I was looking for something that was simple and effective. I've always heard of Gwyneth Paltrow's Juice Beauty and how amazing it is due in part to its all organic products. I never thought to try it out because of its relatively expensive price; however, I was sure it would help clear up my skin. I bought the Daily Hydrating Solutions Kit for only $40 and it includes a step by step procedure of just the right products to keep your skin clean and moisturized without the use of harmful chemicals. It has really worked wonders as my face has really cleared up and I am no longer dry- I 10/10 recommend!

Do you use any Juice Beauty products?!

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