Monday, July 4, 2016

June Favorites

Happy July 4th, everyone! Is it just me, or did the month of June go by so fast? Every summer, once we make it to the Fourth of July, it literally feels like a blink of an eye and school is back in session. June seemed so busy between graduation, work, and a never-ending to-do list, but in retrospect, it was filled with a lot of fun and celebration (#subtleseventeen). I've put together a few of my favorite new findings from the month and thought they were worthy to share with y'all. 

+ coconut water
I've recently been enlightened by the trend of coconut water. While I've always known of its endless health benefits, I couldn't bear the taste or smell of it. I went out on a limb and tried the pineapple infused kind and seriously haven't looked back since. It reminds me of a piƱa colada and I feel super healthy drinking it. I'll pack it along on beach days to stay super hydrated or after a workout to replenish.

+ GiGi New York clutch 
My brother was the sweetest ever and got me this GiGi New York clutch for my birthday. I was so surprised and such a proud sister because he picked it out all on his own. I've wanted one for as long as I could remember, but never really knew what color to get. I was so happy he picked such a great neutral and have been non stop using it. I think you could say good taste is in our genetics :).

+ linen beach shorts
These are the most comfortable shorts ever. They are the first linen item in my closet and I'm now obsessed. I wear them around the house, to the beach, out running errands, or with a nice top for work. They are also super light and make the heat somewhat bearable. I already know they will be the first thing packed for my family trip to Bermuda this week.

+ suede J.Crew sandals
These slides were also another birthday gift, and probably one of my favorites. I had eyed them when I visited J.Crew recently, and as the saying goes: Mama knows best. I don't own any navy sandals, and considering it my neutral color, a pair is essential. I'll be sure to sport them as often as I can this summer being they pair so well with white jeans and of course, my endless navy ensembles.

Hope you've had a great three day weekend!

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  1. Your Gigi New York clutch is so cute and I love the Lilly Beach Shorts too, they're so comfy!




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