Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Foods for Glowing Skin

Breakouts are easily the most annoying and frustrating thing. I'm keen on a consistent skin care routine, washing my face twice a day, moisturizing, etc. I never appreciate the fact that I still experience breakouts despite my diligence (#grrr), but I also have to put into consideration what my diet includes. Everything you eat affects your skin and can hurt or help acne. The following foods are sure to be your go-to skin savers. 

+ antioxidants 
Foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E provide an immense amount of antioxidants which will help decrease the risk of sun damage. Look to carrots, sweet potatoes, and kale for vitamin A and get your vitamin C with strawberries. Incorporate nuts, vegetable oils, and spinach to get plenty of vitamin E.   

+ whole grains
Eat more wheat! Whole grains will assist with digestion as breakouts are linked to a poor digestive system. Think to remove white bread and pasta from your diet because both are said to spike insulin, worsening acne. 

+ fatty acids
Some fats are actually necessary and EFA's (essentially fatty acids) help produce a natural oil barrier for the skin, keeping it hydrated and allowing it to look younger. Fish, seeds, and nuts will give you the right dose, and without foods like salmon and walnuts, your skin is likely to be dry and prone to breakouts. 

Drinking plenty of water will serve endless benefits for both your health and skin. Water is said to help keep the skin moisturized, but it also serves to increase absorption of nutrients and flush out toxins. 

To satisfy a sweet tooth, dark chocolate is sure to do the trick while offering antioxidants. The darker the better, because a high content of cocoa will hydrate skin and make it firmer and more supple. 70% at minimum and enjoy a few squares a day for clearer skin. 

Have you ever thought about the foods you eat affecting your skin?

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