Monday, August 8, 2016

Motivation For the Upcoming School Year

While recent college visits have me feeling both nervous and excited for this coming year, I've never felt more motivated to do well. It honestly feels like deja vu because I had this same energy following my junior class trip to colleges campuses last fall. As I am most definitely not looking forward to early wake ups and dreadful all nighters, a new school year in my mind is a new beginning. It's so refreshing to start new, and with a positive, motivated mindset, you are sure to achieve success. 

+ set goals
At the start of the year, know what it you want to accomplish. Don't challenge yourself too hard, but set goals that are attainable. With these in mind moving forward, you will be more motivated to work through what seems to be the near impossible.

+ acknowledge your achievements 
Reward yourself when you reach your goals. Whether you receive a great test score or finish a difficult assignment, pat yourself on the back- you deserve it!

+ balance your work
Manage your time with course work and extra curricular activities. Overwhelming yourself will only lead to stress, which in turn will cause you to loose motivation. Prioritize what's important and go from there.

+ plan, plan, plan 
Know what it is you need to get done, and don't procrastinate. Routinely reminding yourself of what you need to accomplish will have you in good shape of staying on track.

How are you getting motivated for this year?

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