Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Steps to Flawless Skin

I have always been particular about my skin care routine, and one of my biggest worries coming into college was that I would lose my regime. There are of course many nights where I have fallen asleep without taking my makeup off or have completely neglected to even wash my face out of being too tired. Obviously these habits do not coincide with my normal otherwise healthier skin routine, so I thought it would be helpful to remind myself (& the greater good) the proper steps to flawless skin.
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1. Take your makeup off before going to bed (#1)
2. Drink water (A TON)
3. Wash your face twice a day (Morning and night)
4. Don't forget to moisturize (Crucial especially during winter months)
5.  Use a face mask now and then (Lush has the best)
6. Consider a healthier diet (Load up on the veggies!)

I hope these short but simple tips help to revamp your skincare routine as it did for mine.



  1. It's amazing to see how much water affects my skin. I love putting lemon in my water. It somehow motivates me to finish the glass faster.

  2. Yes you can make your own facial mask at home; Greek yoghurt honey facial mask is effective for treating skin issues. Dr Terrence Scamp



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