Wednesday, February 24, 2016

10 Ways to Entertain Yourself During a Workout

Happy Wellness Wednesday! In staying on track with my workout routine, I've been consistently hitting the gym. Personally, I prefer elliptical workouts because I can reference time, pace, calories burned, etc.; however, I find them grueling when I all I can focus on are these stats. Especially without a change of scenery, I quickly get bored and feel inclined to stop, which doesn't make for a sufficient workout. In order to stay motivated, I've put together a list of fun ways to stay entertained when workouts become a tad bit strenuous.

1. Jam to your favorite playlist 
2. Watch T.V.
3. Bring a friend 
4. Plan out your meals for the next day
5. Think of a fun plan for you and your friends
6. Mix up your intensity
7. Race the person next to you
8. Envision your summer bod 
9. Decide what you'll wear the next day
10. Make a mental to-do list

How do you stay entertained during a workout?

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