Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Reflections and Resolutions

2016 had its ups and downs. It was both emotionally and mentally challenging, from tackling junior year to juggling the normal facets of high school. Many tears were shed, but many lessons were learned. Despite the upbeat, bright aesthetic of Soulfully Southern, my year wasn't as rosy as it seemed. I reached breaking points of stress and struggled to balance life in general. As I began my college search, that anxiety only continued to build. In it all, I discovered myself and my strength. I wholeheartedly believe that everything happens for a reason and so much so that I wrote my college essay about it. We face so many roadblocks in life that we can't dwell on them, but accept them and move forward knowing that there is an underlying reason. I reflect on 2016 as a year of maturity, and I can't wait to continue to grow as I embark on a new chapter of my life in this new year. I thank you for every page view, comment, and email; I couldn't do this without your support.  

Every year I make a list of resolutions that I usually break by the second week of January. My list will consist of the typical cut sugar, exercise more, worry less. This year, however, I really want to emphasize enjoying the little things while also maintaining balance. Pardon the cliche but I just simply want to make the best of each moment. It's weird to figure that in a few months I'll be moving away from home on my own as a freshman in college. I want to make everything count, whether its a home-cooked meal, prom, or my last sports season. I feel like everything is moving so fast and I genuinely just want to live in the moment. While I do plan to eat healthier, exercise more, and worry less, I want to appreciate the little things from the lasts to the firsts.  

What are some of your resolutions for 2017?
I feel like this is my first really personal post and it's kind of refreshing. Let me know your thoughts!


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