Friday, January 6, 2017


I'm keeping this TGIF brief because I've been bombarded with calculus homework, and may I add it is only the second day back. Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, so I'm thinking to stay in this weekend to work on some blogging and even give vlogging a shot- wish me luck!

 While I do miss sunny Palm Beach, I have to say that coming home to my own pillow was amazing. I can't wait to go back down over Easter, and maybe for a bit over spring break!

My new little pretties- I am so obsessed! Sort of kind of feeling like Sydney #fangirl! 

I wore my monogrammed signet ring so often that it started to tarnish. I thought an update was due, so I went with a different style offered by Julia Marie. This cutout ring is so fun and a great staple to have. 

Stay warm this weekend!

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