Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Favorite Agendas

As of last week, 2016-2017 planners and agendas are finally ready to be put to good use. My life pretty much revolves around a "plangenda" and I honestly don't think I could stay in line without it. I look forward to getting a new planner year after year and with this year being one hefty with important dates and lots to do, I've decide to opt for two. As usual, I couldn't resist the classic Lilly agenda (1. they are so functional and 2. they are just too cute), but I also thought the Day Designer planner by Target would be a cute addition to keep me organized (hello stripes!).

What planner are you using this year?


  1. I've had a Lilly for 4 years and they are such a staple, but I went with a Spartina 449 planner this year! Their designs are so cute and the quotes and illustrations inside are beautiful! They're a little company from South Carolina (if you've never heard of them like me until 2 months ago!) and it's so worth checking out!

    xoxo Taylor | Positively Taylor

  2. I'm using the Lilly agenda in Southern Charm! So excited to use it more often!




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